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Buch 1:
Auf den Spuren von Kobo Daishi  ISBN: 978-3-9502513-0-2

Buch 2:
Der Schatz des Kobo Daishi ISBN: 978-3-9502513-1-9

Buch 3:
Das Kind der Hohen Priesterin (in Arbeit) ISBN:

Buch 4:
Liebe kennt keine …(in Arbeit) ISBN:


Ossi Stock – Shikoku travels:

2002: I travelled from the 1st to the 43rd temple and then further from the 46th to the 53rd
by foot (approx 800km).

My realization “My future is pilgrimage in unison with the universe”.
Thereafter I joined Goingesan and a group of Japanese bus pilgrims
from the 44th
to the 88th temple. “A learning experience.”

2004: Travelling with 4 friends from the 88th to the 55th temple on foot (ca 400km).
“Travelling together in the year of Kobo Daishi”

2005: Visited all 88 temples with my family travelling as car pilgrims (ca 2000km).
“A wonderful time as a septet”

2007: Completed the full circle for the first time and visited all 88 temples
Ohenro by foot (approx 1300km). “Time is not important anymore”

2008: Promoted to Shihan 7th Dan in Karatedo Doshinkan. Newcomer publication
of the book “Following in the footsteps of Kobo Daishi” – the first
German language
book of its kind.

2009:  Working on the book “Kobo Daishis treasure”

2010: Pilgrimage to Sakura time to Shikoku/Japan. Travelling as a guide.
“A feast for the soul”. My second book – “Kobo Daishis treasure” is
presented at the Leipzig book fair.

Started work on the book “Child of the High Priest”.

2011: Pilgrimage in October to Shikoku. 1300km on foot as a guide.
“My heart sings”.
2012: Masako visits Shikoko during the cherry blossom season and
walks from the 1st to the 19th temple.
“A start is made…”

2013: Pilgrimage to Shikoku during the cherry blossum season in March
accompanied by my dear wife Masako.
„To be able to share my experiences and adventures with her filled me with joy.“
10th August 2013: Promoted to Shihan 8th Dan by Hanshi 10th Dan Nobuo Ichikawa.

2014: During Sakura i repeated my „solo“ pilgrimage again step by step. For me, the cherry blossom best symbolizes the „transience of life“. „What lasts forever is gratitude and humility.“

2015: The next tour was in November. Namu daishi henjo Kongo!

 2017: in Sakura we was on tour…

2018: the flight is booked…


You can find more information about my travels here

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