2013 Buchmesse London

2013 waren meine Bücher am Österreicherstand in London ausgestellt.
Betreut wurde der Stand vom Österreichischen Buchverband.

London – Ein Aufbruch in die Zukunft!

book-flyer english – book fair london 2013

Dear London bookfair visitors!

Welcome to the London Book Fair. I would like to tell you about a sensational
book that I have written that will inspire and intrigue you.

I was the first Austrian (and Tyrolean) to have visited, now many times, every
one of the 88 temples of Shikoku / Japan. On foot, step by step I wrote about
my journey, first in German, in the form of a diary. Walking more than ten
thousand kilometers in 34 days I wandered over hills and through intriguing
landscapes documenting every moment that was to be my book „In the
footsteps of Kobo Daishi“ – „A pilgrimage to the 88 temples of

Just 3000 copies were published and printed at Athesia / Tyrolia in Innsbruck
and on 15 March 2008, it was first presented to the public in Kramsach, Tyrol.
Since then I have presented at the Book Fair in Frankfurt, Vienna, and Leipzig
but the book presentation in Tyrol was the greatest event for me, as it was
honoured by the attendance of Hanshi, the 10th Dan Nobuo Ichikawa.

The book has 176 pages, weighs about 750 grams and is wonderfully illustrated
with over 150 color images. The final size is 17 x 24 cm. ISBN
978-3-9502513-0-2. The retail price is € 39.90 from 1.1.2009.

Readers opinions, reviews, impressions and journalism at: http://sport-ossi.at/book-store.html

Thank you for your interest and your time,
Oswald-Paul Stock